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Barbers were the first Doctors and Surgeons. Barbershop Talk is an educational experience for learning life lessons. These instructions are presented via tests, articles, poetry, interviews (some that are from our Barbershop Talk Radio Show that aired for five years on WURD 900, soon to be revived online) and other vehicles. As you absorb the information that is shared:


  • Social Skills will develop.
  • It will help us to overcome Stereotypes.
  • It will give us a better understanding about the Human Race.
  • It will help show that our neighbors live around the world.
  • Through conversation and dialogue we will learn to accept differences to create a better social environment.
  • Gender, Ethnicity, Culture, Religion, Black, White, Race, Rich or Poor will all come together. 
  • Our commonalities will be discovered and help us to explore new worlds.
  • Health is a topic that covers Mental, Physical, Emotional and Social ails. Sharing ways to heal becomes the moral of the story.
  • From the recordings of our Radio Show, we share with our audience online, educational topics about Healthy Lifestyles.
  • We will discover what we take in affects how we feel mentally and physically. Not being judgmental becomes the challenge.
  • "Why can't we all just get along?" becomes the question.
  • We have the tendency to help people help themselves to a more tolerant attitude about Social Awareness.
  • ​Technology has weakened our ability to communicate person to person. We can help by creating a better social environment for our children.