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Have you taken the “RACE Test”? If not, let us show you how. This exercise will help you to free your mind by expanding your social skills on how you view “Race”. The question is 'How do you view the word, “Race” as a Singular or a Plural? Please input your inital answer below. Then listen to an approximately ten minute discussion with Dr. Charles Gallagher, who is the Chair of Race and Ethnic Relations, Urban Sociology, Inequality at La Salle University and Robert Woodard, Founder of Barbershop Talk Human Family Day Foundation, Inc. After hearing the recording, you may come away with a better understanding of how you personally view the word “Race”. Have you changed your mind or do you still feel the same about your initial decision? Please enter your final answer below the presentation. We look forward to your responses.

(Update: Dr. Charles Gallagher’s new title is Chair, Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice Department.) 

Initial RACE Test Answer

The RACE Test

Final RACE Test Answer